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A closer look at studies

Ever since he was a kid, Steve Fink loved the news. So working in the news division for CBS Television Stations over a span of 20 years was a dream. His favorite part of the news? Those interesting studies peppered into broadcasts and posted on news sites.

“One of my favorite examples is a study about how red wine is good for your heart,” says Steve. “While that’s obviously an exciting conclusion for wine lovers, there’s a lot more to that study. How much wine do you need to drink for the benefit? What’s the demographic of the study? What are its limitations? These are the sorts of contextual little bits that you don’t often hear covered in a 30-second news segment.”

He wanted to delve deeper into these studies, so he launched StudyFinds, which started as a passion project that he worked on at night and on the weekends. The site’s mission was simple: produce credible, responsible, and more informative content about the many studies coming out of labs and academic institutions all around the world.

With more time to give to the site, Steve wanted to find new ways to drive traffic. So he had an idea for a new feature called “Best of the Best,” which aggregates data from top reviewers about the best consumer products — from the best martini glasses to the best moisturizer.

“This section immediately got a lot of traffic, which really boosted the sustainability of our business,” says Steve. As for capitalizing on this growing traffic, Steve had another tool in his tool belt: a powerful ad partner in Google AdSense.

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Keeping information accessible

Steve was proud of the helpful content he was putting on his site — and he didn’t want to put it behind a paywall and limit access. So from the very beginning, he embraced an ad-supported model to keep his content free.

“We want people to always enjoy StudyFinds’ content for free. We want to publish even more research that would be useful to our audience,” Steve says. “This is content that really helps people, whether they’re looking to learn more about healthy living or products that will improve their lives. It should be open to everyone.”

Steve partnered with Raptive, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, who could help him optimize his ad strategy. “They’ve been a great partner in terms of helping us figure out ways to make sure we're optimizing for ads, and it's just been amazing because they’re always so responsive and value our input whenever we bring up concerns or ideas,” says Steve.

With exponential growth beyond Steve’s own expectations, StudyFinds’ revenue and success has been a direct result of its soaring popularity. “Ad revenue is the most important thing to our business,” he says. “The entire site is funded by ads.”

With this growth in revenue, Steve has been able to grow his team. “I now have a team of two full-time editors, two part-time editors, and about a dozen freelancers who help ensure StudyFinds’ content is comprehensive and journalistically sound,” he says.

“Giving people steady work and giving our audience more content to help them in their day-to-day lives is really an incredibly rewarding aspect of my job,” says Steve.

“We want people to always enjoy StudyFinds’ content for free. This is content that really helps people, whether they’re looking to learn more about healthy living or products that will improve their lives. It should be open to everyone.”
Staying independent, earning trust

Crucially, an ad-supported model keeps StudyFinds’ content completely unbiased. Research can lose its power when people feel there’s an agenda behind it — so with ads, Steve doesn’t need to rely on an outside owner who might influence the site’s content.

“We never want people to read our site and ask, ‘Who’s funding this?’” says Steve. “So ads help ensure our content remains completely independent and agenda-free.”

Steve was proud of his site earning a perfect score from media watchdog NewsGuard that evaluated StudyFinds for bias. “This was so gratifying because we’re really just trying to help people — we aren’t picking and choosing studies to make some sort of point. We just want people to be empowered with information.”

Now Steve wants to keep the momentum going.

“My hope is that I can continue to hire more writers and continue to boost output and get more studies out there,” says Steve. “I love the idea that we’re shining a light on studies by scientists who might not typically get their work showcased in the mainstream media.”

“There's so much fascinating research that never sees the light of day on a TV news broadcast or on the pages of a popular magazine. We hope to change that for the better.

But of course, the most important part of the process is helping readers live better, more informed lives.

“There's a lot of vulnerable people out there who make decisions based on what they get off the media and that can be really dangerous,” says Steve. “And so to be able to give people more information through well-researched studies was my goal from the beginning — and I think we’re really delivering on that goal.”

About the Publisher

Steve Fink is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of He previously served as Vice President of News Engagement for CBS Local Digital Media. Beginning his career as a sports producer at WJZ-TV in Baltimore in 2001, he found his passion in digital media after joining the station's web team in 2005. He would move on to the iconic CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan in 2006, later becoming Managing Editor of and, and earning an Edward R. Murrow Regional Award for the site during his tenure. In 2010, Steve joined the CBS Television Stations’ corporate digital team, overseeing content and audience development until 2021. He has also served as a digital media consultant since leaving CBS, with another major news network among his longtime clients.

A proud graduate of the University of Maryland's prestigious Philip Merrill College of Journalism, he currently resides in Baltimore with his wife, two children, and their dog, Madison Avenue Fink.
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