Dmytro Gryn, CEO

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Helping millions on the dream job search

Founded by Roman Prokofiev and his partner Eugene Sobakarov 16 years ago in Ukraine, originally as a job aggregator for the country’s job market, Jooble is now one of the most popular job search websites and operates in 25 different languages.

Jooble’s mission is simple: to help people find their dream jobs. With 1 billion visits a year and consistently ranked in the top 3 most visited websites in the job and careers categories, it’s safe to say they put their mission into motion every day. What started out as a small company now employs over 350 staff members working from 20 different countries, with offices in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, and Cyprus.

With a name inspired by Google, the Jooble team always wanted to keep open access at the forefront of their operation.

“Our idea was to create a product for job seekers that would be absolutely free,” says Dmytro Gryn, CEO at Jooble. “We were looking for different ways to work with marketplaces and help them in traffic acquisitions. The synergy of Jooble`s collaboration as a job aggregator with local marketplaces and using AdTech tools creates added value for jobseekers in all countries where our company operates. We landed on advertising and tried several providers but we chose Google AdSense because it had the best quality ads and ads that are really relevant for jobseekers.”

Gryn was the first employee to join Jooble after its two founders, starting off as a software engineer and then leading the international scaling of the company.

The flexibility that Google AdSense provided during this scaleup was critical, enabling them to continue monetizing as they brought their product to new regions.

“Many other ad networks are very local and can’t provide the inventory for the 69 countries where we operate,” he explains. “But Google is able to provide investment and ads for all countries.”

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Powering the job search with support from ads

Their ads-based model was successful, allowing them to use the revenue to operate in and support global markets, building products that can be used free of charge. “It’s important for us to provide equal opportunities for people to search for jobs in the 69 countries where Jooble operates,” Dmytro says.

In addition to AdSense, the Jooble team makes use of a slew of other tools to help keep up operations and provide value to partners, helping them effectively promote job vacancies. “We use Google Analytics, and Google Ads for traffic acquisition,” he says. “We also use Google Search Central to evaluate the state of our site, and we’re definitely planning on migrating to Google Workspace.”

Gryn and his team see Google as a partner helping to continually grow the business.

“We definitely see Google as a partner. We use different products and for each product we have a Google account manager, which is really helpful when trying to improve our results,” he explains.

And the team has steadily improved, “Jooble increased its profit by over 59% in 2022 compared to the previous year,” Gryn shares. They’ve found success in markets like the United States, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and France. Jooble’s core team also grew by 8% in 2022.

“It’s important for us to provide equal opportunities for people to search for jobs in the 69 countries where Jooble operates.”
Giving back to their community

At its height, Jooble operated in 71 countries, but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the team declined contact with Russia and its ally, Belarus and now sponsors donations on behalf of the armed forces as the conflict nears almost a year with millions of people displaced.

They also partnered with the Ministry of Digital Transformation on a project promoting digital literacy skills.

In 2022, the Jooble team also created additional resources for Ukrainian refugees in Europe to help them understand visa processes and other documents necessary to get a job abroad. The Jooble Job Search mobile app for iOS and Android was also launched, helping job seekers vacancies from more than 140,000 resources.

As for the future? The Jooble team is planning to go beyond job aggregation to provide complex solutions in the job search field, “a one-stop-shop that could help users at every stage in the job search, from the moment when they decide what to look for to accepting an offer,” Dmytro says.

About the Publisher

Dmytro has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Graduating from the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the Igor Sikorsky KyivPolytechnic Institute in Kyiv he also received additional business education at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

He joined the Jooble team in 2007 as a Software Engineer, becoming the first employee in the company after its two founders. At Jooble, Dmytro worked as an engineer, team leader of the development team, and a CTO, led the international scaling of Jooble and from June 2021 working as a CEO.
Headshot of Dmytro Gryn.